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The path:

FAVRE LUNA was born in the same week as Hip-Hop: edge of July and August 1973, when DJ Kool Herc developed the technique in New York of mixing two of the same records on two different turntables, which allowed him to constantly lengthen the interludes with beats. Of course, FAVRE LUNA didn't get any of that at the time, but surely it won't be a coincidence that Hip-Hop is an important basis for FAVRE LUNA's music?


FAVRE LUNA started playing piano at the age of 13, but by then he was already concentrating on the bass lines in the music he was listening to (The Police and Doe Maar). Shortly afterwards, FAVRE LUNA decided to save up all the pennies from his newspaper round for his first bass guitar, and it arrived a year and a half later: a black 4-string Music Man Stingray, exactly like the one Flea (Red Hot Chili Peppers) used at the time. That one cost a sweet sum of 2,350.00 Hollandsche Guilders at the time. 35 years later, FAVRE LUNA still cherishes that instrument, but it has had some sister basses to keep it company.


The first band as a bass player was the high school band. Soon after, FAVRE LUNA (just under 18) co-founded a band  playing a repertoire from the funk-rock movement popular at the time (RHCP, Fishbone, Living Colour, Urban Dance Squad, Faith No More & Gotcha!). The band lasted more than 10 years, until most of the band members decided, due to family expansions and things like that, that enough was enough.


FAVRE LUNA went exploring, focusing more on jazz and teaching himself to play double bass. Because of Corona, many of those projects stalled, but meanwhile, from 2010 onwards, FAVRE LUNA was increasingly involved in producing its own work and developed the skills that go with it, such as finger drumming and sampling and playing all kinds of "Virtual Instruments". The old basis of playing the piano came in handy for this. The results mostly stayed indoors. Aided by the free time Corona created, FAVRE LUNA sat down and resolved to really "finish" 20 minutes of music during the first Lock Down. Lesson 1: Art cannot be planned; Lesson 2: Music is not finished until its creator says so. However, in spring 2020, FAVRE LUNA did release his first mixtape: a compilation of 4 pieces of music in 1 track of just over 14 minutes.


Not yet knowing exactly what to do with his music, FAVRE LUNA kept well underway. Tentatively, some gigs were arranged, out of curiosity to see what the music would do. The music's direction and own sound also developed. Currently, FAVRE LUNA is finishing the latest work from winter 2023/2024, ready for a new season.


Looking back on life (as men do at a certain age), FAVRE LUNA sometimes wonders how it would have turned out if he had decided to become a professional musician around the age of 20.  But after five minutes of musing, the conclusion is always: you live now, it's all beautiful, and tomorrow will be even better!

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