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The path:

FAVRE LUNA was born in (just about) the same week as Hip-Hop saw the light: at the edge of July and August 1973, when DJ Kool Herc developed the technique in New York of mixing two of the same records on two different turntables, which allowed him to constantly lengthen the interludes with beats. Of course, FAVRE LUNA didn't get any of that at the time, however, Hip-Hop is an important basis for FAVRE LUNA's music.


FAVRE LUNA started playing piano at the age of 13, but by then he was already cfocussed on the bass lines in every song he listened. Not long after after that , FAVRE LUNA decided to save up all the pennies to buy his first bass guitar. As a bass player FAVRE LUNA  played in many bands with styles ranging from funk rock to jazz. FAVRE LUNA went exploring, focusing more on jazz and teaching himself to play double bass.

During the  Corona pendemic, many of those projects stalled, but meanwhile, from 2010 onwards, FAVRE LUNA was increasingly involved in producing its own work and developed the skills that go with it, such as finger drumming and sampling and playing all kinds of "Virtual Instruments". The basis of playing the piano came in handy for this. The results mostly stayed indoors. Aided by the free time Corona created, FAVRE LUNA sat down and resolved to really "finish" 20 minutes of music during the first Lock Down. 


Currently FAVRE LUNA has full focus on producing his own music. 


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